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Are you nervous about taking your driving test because you don’t have a car to use? Worry no more! Andy’s Driving School Cork is here to help. I offer a hassle-free car hire service that provides you with a fully insured, modern car in perfect mechanical condition for your driving test.

No more borrowing cars from family and friends, or dealing with the uncertainty of using a rental car. Our car hire service takes the stress out of test day so you can focus on acing your test.

All you need to do is pay a deposit to secure your car and show up for your driving test. It’s that simple! Don’t let the lack of a car hold you back from getting your driver’s license. Contact Andy’s Driving School Cork today to book your car hire service and start your journey towards driving success!

Why hire a car for your driving test?

  • You may not have access to a car, making it difficult or impossible to take your driving test.
  • Your car may not have a valid NCT or tax disc, which could prevent you from taking your test or result in penalties.
  • There may be a warning light on your dashboard that needs to be addressed before your test, causing stress and potential delays.
  • Your car may be a little older or not in perfect condition, and you may be worried that it won’t be accepted by the tester.
  • By hiring a car from Andy’s driving school, you can have peace of mind knowing that the car is in perfect mechanical condition and fully insured, reducing stress and potential complications on test day.
  • Using a dedicated car hire service can also be more convenient and hassle-free than trying to arrange a car on your own, allowing you to focus on preparing for your driving test.


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